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Heading out this week to one of my favorite cities in the States – San Francisco. There’s two experiences planned that will be quite worthy of blogging about.

First, the reason for the trip is to spend time inside Boudin Bakeries. If you haven’t been to California, it’s likely you’ve not heard of them. With a claim that they are the oldest continuously operating company in San Francisco, Boudin occupies the Friscan legends such as Levis, Ghiradehli, Guittard and several other companies, born during the Gold Rush years around 1849. I’ve been eating Boudin sourdough since 1964 and I am immensely excited to stand in the main bakery with their Master Baker this week.

Second, is Sam Wo‘s. Sam Wo’s is an itty-bit hole in the wall in SF Chinatown. Operating continuously for over 100 years, with eight tables – their Raw Fish Salad brought this restaurant into my family’s library of dining locations in the 70s. My dad, at the time Chief of Audit for I.R.S. in Montana, heard of Sam Wo’s from a rancher, who would get a hankering for it and fly down in his Beechcraft. In the early 80s, I took many a college date to this awesome Chinese restaurant – I haven’t been there in two-plus decades.

Stay tuned later this week!