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I knew this was eventually going to happen. The only thing required to solve childhood hunger is political will. There are 70,000 kids in the beautiful State of Maine that on a continual basis (day to day) experience hunger.

In 2004 I asked some Portland ME Chefs why this restaurant community wasn’t involved with Share Our Strength – the national organization pushing for twenty years to end childhood hunger. One thing led to another and early the following summer a dinner for 200 societal influencers was held on a close-in Portland harbor island, launching the Maine chapter of Share Our Strength. Due to personal reasons, that was the extent of my involvement with it.

Flash forward to this past fall (2011). I’d returned to Maine and re-connected with Chef Jeff Landry (Farmers Table Restaurant). Chef Jeff invited me to go with him to the last class of Cooking Matters – a six session course that teaches kids and other residents of Maine how to make good food from scratch very inexpensively and nutritionally. This program, one of the elemental programs sponsored by Share Our Strength Maine, now enjoys underwriting from Hannafords and reaches several thousand Mainers a year.

Another small flash forward to this past week (Jan 21 2012) to an underground dinner on Peaks Island, where I discover that one of the guests is Co-Chair of Share Our Strength Maine. Whitney and I connected that night and this following week she introduced me to John Woods, Co-Chair. An hour of coffee and intensive dialogue ensued at Bard Coffee. I knew walking into that meet that I was about to get re-involved. And yes, I am. I’ve taken Committee Chair responsibility for Share Our Strength Maine’s Social Media. Don’t leave this blogpost yet….

I’m seeking a dozen Mainers, well-connected in social media, who care that 70,000 kids in this state are hungry year round. Come join me and let’s get this thing fixed. I’m building a core crew of Facebookers and Tweeters to help spread the message. Are you in? Or are you going to sit on the sidelines while little kids suffer?